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Resource TitleTypeDescriptionSource/Author
Universal Design for Digital MediasyllabusThe attached syllabus is for a 3500 level undergraduate class taught online. The focus of the class is on designing websites using Universal Design and accessibility principles. Howard Kramer, University of Colorado Boulder
Inclusive Housing Design: Graduate Architecture StudiosyllabusThis syllabus outlines the course and learning objectives for a graduate architecture studio on inclusive housing design. Korydon Smith,
WebD2: Web Design & Development IsyllabusWebD2 is an introduction to web design, created primarily for use in secondary schools, grades 9-12. It emphasizes standards-based, accessible design, is cross-platform and vendor-neutral, and is free. Includes student and instructor versions. Terrill Thompson,
Implementing Accessibility in WordPress (syllabus)syllabusSyllabus for 4500 level course at CU-Boulder. This course introduces students to the core principles of Web Accessibility and teaches them how to best implement these principles when developing a web site using the content management system WordPress. Joe Dolson, Accessible Web Design